6 Ways to Figure Out Your Personal Style and Boost Your Confidence

Your personal style shows the world who you are before you ever say a word. Finding your style gives you confidence and makes getting ready a breeze. But it can be a challenge. Read more to find out how to discover your personal style and download the free cheat sheet!

This quote resonates with me because for a long time I was judging myself by the wrong measure. Albert Einstein was a genius in more ways than one. His lighthearted quote makes a heavy impact on our self awareness.

Life is Short |We Gotta Live it Well

Have you ever had one of those experiences where it just hits you that life is short? Where you feel the urgency to pour out everything inside of you, knowing that God will fill you back up every time you run down to empty? I'm feeling that right now. I'm feeling the gentle nudge that there is work to be done and the deep security that I'm not doing it alone.

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