The Key to Faking it Till You Make It

I’m becoming a fan of the fake it till you make it motto. If you’re going to be stretched – to step outside your comfort zone – you have to learn how to fake it sometimes. That doesn’t literally mean being fake but figuring out things along the way. My newest motherhood endeavor has me faking it till I make it at the moment.

Last school year I wanted my daughter to have the opportunity to cheer but junior high at her school didn’t have a coach. The last time they had a coach was a parent volunteer in years prior. So a friend and I decided to take this on …. at the last minute. It was nuts! I had no idea what I was doing. I had never been a cheerleader. I watched my best friend cheer in high school but really paid very little attention to any of the specifics.

I let my friend talk me into this. It didn’t take really any convincing, if I’m being honest. I had thought about it but I didn’t realize I could actually do it. I had gotten some bad info that led me to believe it had to be someone employed by the school leading it. But, after asking, my friend was told to go for it. So we scheduled tryouts at the end of THAT WEEK!

I got some information from the high school cheer coach about how she runs her squad but didn’t pay too much attention because I thought, “It’s only two months. It’ll be fine. We’ll just wing it.” That’s my go-to attitude. But that was a mistake. I learned pretty quickly to put everything you want your squad to know in writing and have a discipline plan.

This year we are getting a head start. Tryouts are actually this week! Then we will begin raising funds until the end of the school year. I’m working on setting up a cheer clinic this summer and plan to start practices as soon as school starts next year. It feels so much better to have a head start and a plan of action.

I would have to say through this experience that the key to faking it till you make it is asking for help. Last year I didn’t ask nearly enough people for advice or to help pull it all off. I placed all the burden on myself to know what to do and to do it.

Since then I have reached out to a sweet acquaintance who is a high school/junior high cheer coach and sought different opinions from my friends. Gathering so much knowledge has really helped me figure out how I want to run my squad and what’s fair to others as well as myself. I definitely wasn’t fair to myself last year.

I learned that people are more than willing to help you succeed. Surrounding yourself with a tribe of supportive friends and acquaintances is so important.

If you’re interested in any of the specifics of what we’ve done or what we’re doing, let me know. I’d be more than happy to share with you.

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